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Gold for Collectors - The Book

We are preparing a book about gold. We already have a lot of photographies and we are working in the text.

Are you interested in gold, are you a collector or a dealer?.-If you have any interesting gold specimen that you consider suitable for this book, please contact us.
We can take photos of your pieces during this 2013 Tucson Mineral Show.
We can also travel to take photos in your collection.

How to contact
We are in the Tucson City Center Hotel (former Inn Suites).
-You can contact us in our room (number 506).
-You can email us:

The book "Gold for Collectors"
It will have about 300 pages and be in a large format: 23x32 cm., very high quality paper, printing, binding, photos and text.

Standard edition
We will print 2000 copies in the standard edition.

You can help with the book by sponsoring pages.
The cost of production and print of one page is 160 dollars.
If you sponsor 10 pages you can dispose of one page in the book for your advertising if you are
 a dealer.

If you are a collector you can have one of the copies of the luxury edition for bibliophiles.

Luxury edition
We will also print a very special luxury edition, leather binding, numbered for bibliophiles consisting of only 30 copies.
This is a not for sale edition.
You can have a copy of this edition if you are a sponsor. Your copy can be customized with your name.

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