Books worth reading on the subject of casinos

Books worth reading on the subject of casinos

From people who lost everything to people who became millionaires in just one night. From criminal stories from the underworld to romances that only exist in Las Vegas. From people who skillfully and wittily beat casinos legally, to people who rose to poker champions out of nowhere, casinos write true stories that Hollywood couldn’t have come up with better.

There are now thousands of books for all casino fans: fictional novels, autobiographies or non-fiction books that help players improve their skills at poker or roulette . In the following, we have therefore put together a small selection of books on the subject of casinos that are worth reading.

Casino literature: My hands on the way to becoming a poker world champion: Overnight to become a poker millionaire by Pius Heinz

The first book in our list tells a German success story that is second to none. We are talking about Pius Heinz, who had made enormous fortune through online poker in a very short time before he decided to take part in real poker tournaments. In 2011 he was the first German to contest the World Poker Championship for himself at the tender age of just early 20 – 4 years after he had even started playing cards . An inspiring career and a very readable book for all poker fans and those who want to become one.

Casino Literature: Roulette: Luck and Dexterity by Pierre Basieux

Roulette is a game of chance – that’s a fact. Still, there are many people who have gotten rich from the game, either by using different types of gaming strategies, being kettle-eyed, or using computers to bring casinos to their knees. Pierre Basieux has been an avid roulette player for decades and at the same time still has a doctorate in maths, who looks at the game of the devil primarily from a scientific level. Anyone who would like to get a deeper, scientifically founded insight into the subject of roulette in order to rise to the select group of professional roulette players, the book offers very exciting and worth knowing insights.

Casino Literature: Death at the King’s Club by Carol Davis Luce

Death at the King’s Club is a fictional novel. In the famous King’s Club Resort, a serial killer is at work between nightlife, gambling and a relaxed atmosphere. The investigators are powerless and don’t know what to do next. As a last resort, the casino operator hires private investigator Kasey Atwood to track down the killer. Death in the King’s Club is an engaging thriller in which love, gambling and murder go hand in hand.

Casino Literature: The Gambler by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

“The Gambler” by Dostoevsky is an absolute classic in literary history and is more than recommended not only for casino friends, but also for literature enthusiasts. The story is about the dark side of gambling – about gamblers who gamble away their fortune at the roulette table instead of looking for luck in love. The story has a lot to do with the life of the author himself – Dostoevsky was an avid roulette player who often went to the casinos in Wiesbaden and Bad Homburg.

Casino Literature: Beating the Casinos at Their Own Game by Peter Svoboda

The book by Svoboda is primarily aimed at newcomers to the casino scene, as it provides the basic knowledge of all popular casino classics. Whether it is blackjack , craps, baccarat, slot machines or other games, the book leaves no questions unanswered. In addition to the basic rules, winning strategies that are worth knowing about all games are also revealed, from budget management strategies to return on investment to the statistical chances of winning individual games, all the necessary basic knowledge is conveyed to bring the chances of winning to the player’s side and be successful leave the casino as a winner.

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